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The Swiss Made Revolution


We are two everyday guys that have been friends for a long time despite being seriously different. Raymond is outgoing, fun-loving, and the life of the party. Pearl is the much quieter idealist, poet and nature adventurer.

But one thing we share in common is a passion to live life on our own terms. We aren't the type to accept things because that is what everyone else is doing. We strive to seek new and better solutions and to live our lives according to them.


A Revolution.

Swiss Made has always meant well-built, precise, and reliable. This is good.

But it also has meant crazy high mark-ups, a culture of elitism, and overly standard design. This is not good.

After questioning the classic Swiss Made approach, we realized we could keep the good while throwing out everything else.

And this is exactly what we did.

The Revolution


We have developed our supply chain model in such a way that we have cut down on costs so we can offer premium Swiss quality at a fraction of the typical price.


You will not find a culture of elitism when dealing with our company. Only honesty, kindness, and compassion. We are not here to use you but rather to establish a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.


We infuse our watches with creative designs that push far past the standard boundaries that have dominated the Swiss tradition for too long. These designs reflect the fun, excitement, and love of life with which we approach every day of our lives.

Join our Swiss Made Revolution